Eating Bread in Piles: Is it Good or Bad?

I love bread toast.

I know you may as well.

Starting the day with bread toast and egg omelet is one of the most common rituals in almost every Indian house.

Bread is a sweet and delicious staple food, mainly prepared from wheat flour.

But can you eat bread in piles as well?

In this article, I will explain this to you with scientific evidence.

Let’s start.

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Bread in Piles

Bread in Piles: Good or Bad?

Before answering your question, let me tell you, there are mainly two types of bread available in the market. 

One is white bread made with refined wheat flour. And the other is whole wheat bread, made with whole wheat flour.

White bread is bad for piles or hemorrhoids. Even for healthy adults.

I love and always buy whole wheat bread.

Because white bread is made from refined wheat flour or maida. And maida is made by processing healthy whole grain flour.

While processing, the manufacturer stripped almost all fiber, vitamins, and minerals. For this reason, they can be considered as “empty” calories or “white poison”.

For this reason, their glycemic index is very high and foods made from refined flour or maida digested quickly. [1]

This means they can spike your blood glucose and insulin level quickly.

Evidence showed that eating high glycemic foods can lead to overeating and increase the risk of many diseases, including constipation. [2]

On the other hand, whole wheat flour is made by whole wheat flour, which contains all the fiber and nutrients of wheat. 

So, if you ask me about whole wheat bread, then yes, it is good for piles. However, don’t consume it in excess. Because, it is mainly carbohydrate food. And excess carbohydrate can cause weight gain. [3]

Whole Wheat Bread
Whole Wheat Bread (Image Source: Canva)

Can I eat bread in piles?

Yes. You can eat whole wheat bread in piles. But avoid white bread. Because it is made from refined flour or maida, which can lead to many diseases, including constipation.

Does bread cause any harm in piles?

Yes. White bread can harm your overall health, including gut health. But if you eat a limited quantity of whole wheat bread, it will not harm you.

The Final Word

Hemorrhoids are very common in both men and women. About half of all people will have hemorrhoids by age 50. [4] 😮

Choose your foods carefully while you’re suffering from piles to help the healing process. And no, you shouldn’t eat biscuits in piles.

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This article is written by a certified nutritionist and verified by scientific evidence.

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