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Hey, I’m A. R. Choudhury, MSc. I love to share my nutrition knowledge. My only question is, are you interested?

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A. R. Choudhury, ARChoudhuryMSc,

He is a certified nutritionist and founder of NutritionCrown. People calls him an expert, and client calls him a professional. He regularly writes at NutritionCrown as well as for clients. He also run his own blog

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You can get the nutrition information and advice everywhere. But I trust NutritionCrown more than any blog. Because I know the author, A. R. Choudhury personally and he has the authority to share nutrition knowledge.

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Evidence-based Approach

Every article is evidence-based and written in such simple language that even my 5 year old son can understand. You should follow NutritionCrown to start your healthy eating journey.

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