Instant Oats vs White Rice: Which one is Good? ๐Ÿค”

Key Highlights

  • Both oats and rice are popular worldwide.
  • Instant oats and white rice both are processed to make them easier to cook and eat.
  • Instant oats are theoretically healthier than white rice.

Grains have been an important part of our diet for tens of thousands of years. [1]

Oats and rice are two of the most popular grains in the world.

But many people want to know the differences.

So, let’s discuss the difference between instant oats and white rice.

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Instant Oats

Instant oats are the most processed version of rolled oats. [2]

After steaming and rolling, they are pre-cooked, dried, and then chopped into smaller pieces to make instant oats. [2]

They cook more quickly than steel-cut or rolled oats, and sometimes be gummy or mushy after cooking.

Although instant oats are a processed version of rolled or steel-cut oats, they can be a good source of fiber in our diet. [3]

Summary: Instant oats are processed oats, which provide vitamins, minerals, and fibers to our diet.

White Rice

White rice is also a processed version of brown rice. [4]

To make white rice, the bran (outer layer) and germ (nutrient-rich core) were removed. [4]

Although the nutritious part is removed, white rice can be a good source of carbohydrate, if you plan your diet right. [5]

Also, white rice is more easily available and easier to digest than brown rice. 

Summary: White rice is a processed rice, which contribute the majority of carbohydrates for most people.

Oats Bar and Rice Bar,
We can cook both oats and rice in different ways.

Instant Oats vs White Rice

Most people prefer instant oats than white rice due to its less carbohydrate content.


This is right.

Let me explain.

Instant oats contain more vitamins, minerals, and fiber than white rice. [6]

Also, carbohydrate content is higher in white rice than instant oats. [6]

So, if you look from a nutrition point of view, instant oats are healthier than white rice.

But in practical, we can’t compare them directly.

Because, we eat rice with so many dishes like mix veg, chicken dish or curry.

Yes, we also eat oats with so many foods like nuts, fruits, eggs etc.

So, practically there is no comparison between them.

But yes, in theory, instant oats wins.

Summary: In reality, there is no comparison. Because we eat both white rice and instant oats in variety of ways by combining with different foods.

The Final Word

Instant oats vs white rice is a doubt of many people.

But why compare?

We can add both these delicious and nutritious food in our diet.

Just plan your diet the right way to get complete nutrition while enjoying your meal.


Some frequently asked question related to this topic.

Is it good to replace rice with oatmeal?

Yes. Oatmeal contain more vitamins, minerals, and fiber than white rice.

Which is better, oats or rice?

In theory, oats are healthier than white rice, because instant oats contain more nutrients than white rice.

Which is cheaper rice or oatmeal?

White rice is cheaper than instant oats. But brown rice is little expensive than instant oats.

Instant Oats vs White Rice โ€” Which is a better option for diabetic patients?

For diabetic patients, oats is always a good choice. But if you eat rice with vegetables, then go for rice.

Instant Oats vs White Rice โ€” Which one is easier to cook?

Both are easy to cook. However, white rice takes more time to cook than instant oats.

Instant Oats vs White Rice โ€” Which is a better for babies?

For babies, white rice is a better choice, because it is considered easy on the little stomach.

Instant Oats vs White Rice โ€” Which is a good for pregnancy?

During pregnancy, you can choose both.


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