Eating Urinal Cake: What will Happen?

Short Answer: If you accidentally ate a urinal cake, you would get sick and possibly damage your nervous system and increase your risk of cancer.

A urinal cake is a small, round, and often blue or white block that is placed at the bottom of a urinal to control bacteria and reduce odor.

It is made of a chemical called para-dichlorobenzene (PDCB), which slowly evaporates and releases a strong scent into the air.

Urinal cakes are not edible and are only meant for sanitary purposes.

If you accidentally ate a urinal cake, you would likely experience dizziness, nausea, and diarrhea at the very least.

This is because PDCB is poisonous and can harm your central nervous system and cause brain disorders.

It is also a suspected carcinogen, meaning it can cause cancer.

It is very uncommon to eat a urinal cake, as they are usually found in public or commercial restrooms and are clearly marked as not for consumption.

However, some people may mistake them for candy or cookies, especially children or people with mental impairments.

You should seek medical attention immediately if you ingested a urinal cake, as it could have serious and long-term consequences for your health.

You may need to have your stomach pumped or take activated charcoal to absorb the toxin.

You may also need to have blood tests and other examinations to check for any damage to your organs or tissues.

To avoid accidental eating of a urinal cake, you should always keep them out of reach of children and pets, and store them in a secure and labeled container.

You should also educate yourself and others about the dangers of PDCB and other chemicals found in urinal cakes and similar products.

You should never touch or smell a urinal cake directly, as it could also irritate your skin or eyes.

Finally, remember, a urinal cake is not a cake at all, but a hazardous substance that should never be eaten or played with.

It is only intended to keep urinals clean and fresh, and should be handled with care and caution.

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