Eating Expired Jelly: What will Happen?

Short Answer: If you accidentally eat expired jelly, you may get sick from food poisoning or kidney stones.

Jelly is a fruit spread that is made of strained fruit juice and sugar.

It may include pectin to help the texture thicken and turn into gel.

You are not going to find any pieces of fruit in a jelly spread.

If you accidentally eat expired jelly, you may experience nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, headache, dizziness, and fever.

In some cases, people who ate expired jelly got kidney stones.

This is because expired jelly loses its vitamins and nutrients and may contain harmful bacteria or mold.

Expired jelly may also change its color, texture, or smell, indicating spoilage or crystallization.

Bacteria or mold can cause food poisoning, which is a common cause of gastrointestinal symptoms.

Crystallization can occur when the sugar in the jelly forms crystals, which can irritate the digestive tract or form kidney stones.

It is quite uncommon to eat expired jelly due to its obvious signs of spoilage.

Most people would notice the change in appearance, consistency, or odor of the jelly and discard it.

However, some people may not check the expiration date or the condition of the jelly before consuming it.

You can treat mild symptoms of food poisoning by drinking plenty of fluids, resting, and taking over-the-counter medications.

However, if you have severe symptoms, such as dehydration, blood in your stool,or high fever, you should seek medical attention immediately.

To prevent kidney stones, you should drink more water, limit your intake of salt and animal protein, and avoid foods high in oxalate, such as spinach, rhubarb, and nuts.

To avoid accidental eating of expired jelly, you should always check the label and the jar before using it.

You should also store jelly properly in the refrigerator or pantry, depending on whether it is opened or unopened.

You should discard any jelly that has been opened for more than six months or unopened for more than 12 months.

Finally, remember, jelly is a delicious and versatile fruit spread that can be enjoyed on toast, bagels, or crackers.

However, it is also very perishable and can cause health problems if consumed after its expiration date.

Therefore, you should always be careful and check your jelly before eating it.

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