Bad Pomegranate Juice Drinking: What will Happen?

Short Answer: If you accidentally drink bad pomegranate juice, you may get diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and nausea due to bacterial or toxin contamination.

Pomegranate juice is a beverage made from the fruit of the pomegranate.

It is rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, and other nutrients.

It may have some health benefits, such as lowering blood pressure, improving heart health, and preventing cancer.

If you accidentally drink bad pomegranate juice, you may experience some gastrointestinal problems, such as diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and nausea.

This is because the juice may contain harmful bacteria or toxins that can cause food poisoning or spoilage.

The bacteria or toxins may grow in the juice if it is not stored properly, refrigerated, or consumed before its expiration date.

The bacteria or toxins in bad pomegranate juice can damage your digestive system and cause dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, and inflammation.

They can also interfere with the absorption of nutrients and medications.

However, it is uncommon to drink bad pomegranate juice if you follow the storage instructions and check the quality of the juice before drinking it.

You can treat mild symptoms of drinking bad pomegranate juice by drinking plenty of fluids, eating bland foods, and taking over-the-counter medications for diarrhea or nausea.

However, if you have severe symptoms, such as fever, bloody stools, or signs of dehydration, you should seek medical attention immediately.

You may need antibiotics or intravenous fluids to treat the infection or dehydration.

To avoid drinking bad pomegranate juice, you should always store it in a cool and dark place, preferably in the refrigerator.

You should also check the expiration date and the seal of the bottle before opening it. If the juice looks cloudy, has an off smell, or tastes sour, you should discard it.

You should also avoid drinking juice from unknown sources or homemade juice that has not been pasteurized.

Finally, remember, pomegranate juice is a healthy and delicious drink that can provide many benefits for your body.

However, you should always drink it fresh and in moderation to avoid any adverse effects.

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Abdur Rahman Choudhury

Abdur Rahman Choudhury is a nutrition coach with over 7 years of experience in the field of nutrition.

He holds a Bachelor's (B.Sc.) and Master's (M.Sc.) degree in Biochemistry from The University of Burdwan, India. He was also involved with a research project about genetic variations in the CYP11A gene among PCOS and Metabolic Syndrome patients.

He has completed the following online courses: Stanford Introduction to Food and Health by Stanford University (US) through Coursera, Certificate in Nutrition from Fabulous Body Inc. (US), Lose Weight and Keep It Off certificate course from Harvard Medical School (US), and Nutrition and Disease Prevention by Taipei Medical University (Taiwan) through FutureLearn.

Abdur currently lives in India and keeps fit by weight training and eating mainly home-cooked meals.

2 thoughts on “Bad Pomegranate Juice Drinking: What will Happen?”

  1. Thank you, I found this article very helpful. I am currently on the island of St Croix in the Caribbean and drank some pomegranate juice from a local supermarket. Within about a half an hour my stomach started feeling a little queasy. Within a minute of feeling queasy I had to vomit. The POM brand juice was within the expiration date by more than 2 months but it tasted a little rancid, unfortunately I chugged a couple of big gulps down before I realized the taste was off. I feel fine after vomiting and I am drinking lots of water. Thank you sharing your knowledge on this matter.

    • I’m glad to hear that the article was helpful to you. It’s unfortunate that you had a bad experience with the pomegranate juice. It’s always important to trust your senses; if something tastes off, it’s best to stop consuming it. Vomiting and drinking plenty of water were the right things to do in response to feeling sick. If you continue to feel unwell or have any concerns, please consider seeking medical advice. Take care and stay healthy!

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