Eating Biryani in Piles: Is it Good or Bad?

I love biryani.

I know you may as well.

Occasionally eating biryani is a common option for most Indians to enjoy with friends and family.

You can find varieties of biryani in various restaurants. But mainly they are a mixed rice dish.

But the question is: Can you eat biryani in piles as well?

In this article, I will explain this to you with scientific evidence.

Let’s start.

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Biryani in Piles

Biryani in Piles: Good or Bad?

Biryani is bad for piles or hemorrhoids. Even for healthy adults.

Because, it is made from white rice. And white rice is made from processing healthy brown rice. [1]

While processing, the manufacturer stripped almost all fiber, vitamins, and minerals by removing hull (the hard protective coating), bran (outer layer) and germ (nutrient-rich core). Meanwhile, brown rice only has the hull removed. [2]

For this reason, their glycemic index is high in white rice compared to brown rice and absorbed into your bloodstream quickly.

And evidence showed that high glycemic food is linked with many diseases, including constipation. [3]

These are facts.

But another fact is that there are many places where you can’t easily find brown rice.

If you’re from one of those places, don’t be sad.

If you eat vegetables with white rice, it doesn’t cause any harm. Because vegetables are also high in fiber and other nutrients. [4]

However, keep the rice content low and vegetable content high in your diet.

Now the question is about biryani.

If you eat biryani occasionally, for example weekly, you don’t have to worry, even in piles.

Just eat some green salads and raita with biryani, which is served with it.

And make sure you don’t eat biryani in cheap places, as they use cheap vegetable oil plus added animal fat to make it tastier.

Authentic Chicken Biryani with Onion Raita
Authentic Chicken Biryani with Onion Raita (Image Source: Canva)

Can I eat biryani in piles?

Yes. You can occasionally enjoy biryani. But eat some green salads and raita with it, which is served with your biryani. Moreover, don’t eat biryani in cheap hotels and restaurants.

Does biryani cause any harm in piles?

Yes. If you eat biryani daily, it can harm your overall health. Because biryani contains lots of oils and spices and other ingredients which are not healthy for daily consumption.

The Final Word

Hemorrhoids are very common in both men and women. About half of all people will have hemorrhoids by age 50. [5] 😮

Choose your foods carefully while you’re suffering from piles to help the healing process. And no, you shouldn’t eat biscuits in piles.

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This article is written by a certified nutritionist and verified by scientific evidence.

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