About NutritionCrown: Story + Vision + Mission

NutritionCrown is India’s trusted nutrition website, where you can find FREE articles, tools, web stories, newsletters and get PREMIUM guides, courses, and personalized consultation service.

But NutritionCrown is more than just a website; it’s a journey that began with a passion for helping people lead healthier lives. It’s a story of dedication, expertise, and a unwavering commitment to providing reliable and accessible nutrition resource and support to people across India and beyond.

Our Story

NutritionCrown was founded by renowned nutritionist Abdur Rahman Choudhury in August 2020.

He started the website as a blog to share his knowledge, and experience with people who are looking for reliable and trustworthy nutrition information. Now, it has become a comprehensive resource for all things nutrition.

Our Vision

Our vision is to transform the world into a place where people can easily and effectively make informed nutritional decisions to optimize their health and well-being.

Our Beliefs

We believe that making smart and informed nutritional choices is a powerful way to prevent and manage disease, and promote overall wellness.

Our Mission

Our mission is to share evidence-based nutrition information and provide guidance and personalized support so that you can make smart and informed nutritional choices.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to help you make smart and informed nutritional decisions to improve your health and well-being.

Our Core Values

Our core values are honesty, transparency, and integrity. These guiding principles are at the heart of everything we do at NutritionCrown.

Facts about NutritionCrown

Here are some quick facts about NutritionCrown:

  1. NutritionCrown was founded on 30 August 2020.
  2. NutritionCrown is an independent website, built from scratch by the founder without any outside investors.
  3. We are reader-supported. We make money by displaying ads, offering consultation services, selling digital products and participating in affiliate programs.
  4. NutritionCrown has a global audience of over 50 thousands monthly visitors from more than 30 countries.

Enjoy your stay with NutritionCrown.