Eating Gum With Braces: What will Happen?

Short Answer: If you accidentally ate gum with braces, you may damage your braces or cause tooth decay.

Gum is a soft and chewy substance that is usually flavored and sweetened.

It is made from natural or synthetic resins, waxes, and elastomers.

If you accidentally eat gum with braces, you may damage your braces or cause tooth decay.

This is because gum is sticky and can get stuck in between your brackets and wires.

Gum can even bend your wires if you are not careful, which will interfere with the length and effectiveness of your treatment.

Gum also contains sugar or artificial sweeteners that can feed the bacteria in your mouth and cause plaque and cavities.

It is quite uncommon to eat gum with braces due to the advice of most orthodontists to avoid it.

However, some people may still chew gum occasionally for various reasons, such as to reduce pain, increase saliva, or freshen breath.

You can prevent damage to your braces and teeth by choosing sugar-free gum that has received the ADA Seal of Acceptance, chewing it in moderation, and brushing and flossing around your wires and brackets after eating.

To avoid accidental eating of gum, you should always remove your gum before eating or drinking, and avoid chewing gum that is hard, sticky, or sugary.

Finally, remember, gum is not a good choice for people with braces, as it can cause more harm than good.

If you want to chew something, opt for healthy snacks that are soft and easy to bite, such as fruits, vegetables, cheese, or yogurt.

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