Taking Folic Acid with Calcium: Is it SAFE or Not?

Short Answer: It is generally safe to take folic acid and calcium together or one after another.

Folic acid and calcium both are healthy supplements.

Folic acid contains vitamin B9 and calcium has mineral calcium.

According to Ayurveda, folic acid and calcium can be taken together as they are both beneficial for the health of the bones, teeth, hair, skin and blood.

Ayurveda recommends consuming natural sources of folic acid and calcium, such as amla, moringa, sesame seeds and milk.

But according to science, folic acid and calcium may interact with each other and reduce their absorption in the body.

Folic acid may also have some side effects when taken in excess, such as nausea, loss of appetite, confusion, irritability and sleep problems.

As a nutritionist, my advice is to try first.

If after taking folic acid and calcium together you experience any side effects, then stop combining them. And if you can tolerate, then continue.

However, you should be mindful of the quality and quantity of folic acid and calcium you consume.

Because too much or too little of either can cause health problems.

Whether you take them together or not, you should always choose high-quality supplements that are certified by a reputable authority.

Because low-quality supplements may contain contaminants or additives that can harm your health.

You can store folic acid and calcium supplements in a cool, dry and dark place away from heat, moisture and sunlight.

Do not store them in the bathroom or near the stove.

Follow the expiry date on the label and do not use them if they are expired.

Finally, remember, folic acid and calcium are essential nutrients for your body. But they are not substitutes for a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

You should also consult your doctor before taking any supplements, especially if you have any medical conditions or are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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Abdur Rahman Choudhury

Abdur Rahman Choudhury is a nutritionist in West Bengal, India, with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Biochemistry.

He has done his diploma in nutrition from Fabulous Body Inc (US), and completed various certification courses from several universities. He also has considerable research experience in PCOS.

Abdur currently lives in India and keeps fit by weight training and eating mainly home-cooked meals.

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